Build Date: 2017
Property Size: 1,000 Acres

Greenpoint is a master planned community with over 1,000 Acres on the West End of Columbia County. The property surrounds the Harlem-Appling Exit off I-20 15 miles from the Bobby Jones Expressway in Augusta Georgia. The property is just 4 miles North of the City of Harlem. This is a true legacy project which began with the first parcel acquired over 75 years ago by the Prather Family. Planning began in 2017 and was further expanded by the Witmer Jones Keefer Land Planning Group in 2019.

Greenpoint’s Vision

To create a complete PLACE in which people can live, work, and play. The following planning principles guide the vision:

  • Establishing a Master Plan which is reasonably flexible and responsive
  • Creating walkable communities
  • Developing a system of complete streets that connect neighborhoods to each other
  • Creating a system of connected open spaces: parks, walking trails, and neighborhood amenities
  • Supporting the existing Harlem Middle School as a key community asset
  • Variety of housing types
  • Variety of uses, including residential, commercial, civic, and parks and recreational amenities
  • Minimizes unnecessary impacts on the land
  • Maximize positive impact on surrounding community
  • Comprehensive site and architectural standards
  • Accessible parking options